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Five Ways to Infuse Your Message into the Hearts and Minds of Employees

2016-11-14T15:19:47+00:00October 21st, 2015|

CMOs have long understood the need for developing and delivering a clear, compelling and consistent corporate message that crystalizes the position the business desires to own in the minds of their target audience. But do you know who doesn’t know this? The rest of your company. According to a recent Gallup Poll, 91 percent of [...]

Marketing’s Role in Activating the Company’s Story in the Customer Experience

2016-11-14T15:19:51+00:00October 7th, 2015|

In a recent Forbes article, “Connecting the Dots Around The Customer,” David Cooperstein, vice president of Forrester Research, wrote, “to truly earn their place at the executive table, chief marketing officers today must go beyond overseeing marketing programs. They must drive the brand promise into the hearts and minds of everyone in their organization.” Marketing [...]

Vision, mission, values – the secret to successful businesses.

2016-08-26T08:16:51+00:00August 26th, 2015|

In the Harvard Business Review article, “To Lead, Create a Shared Vision,” James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner wrote, “Being forward-looking — envisioning exciting possibilities and enlisting others in a shared view of the future — is the attribute that most distinguishes leaders from non-leaders.” How do they know? They asked tens of thousands of [...]

Change your employees’ story. Change your customer experience.

2016-11-14T15:19:52+00:00August 5th, 2015|

According to Enterprise IG, 70 percent of customers’ brand perception is determined by conversations with employees; and yet, Gallup Poll found that only 41 percent of employees understand what their companies stand for. What stories are your employees telling? And how would you go about changing these stories to create a clear and consistent customer [...]

Organizational change programs bring your story to life.

2016-11-14T15:19:53+00:00May 27th, 2015|

In Ty Montague’s book, “True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business” (2013 Harvard Business Press), he argues that “the best-run and most successful companies convey one clear, understandable story through every action they take, not solely through their marketing.” When there is true alignment between the vision, mission, values and [...]

If you want to deliver a superior customer experience — it starts on the inside.

2016-11-14T15:19:53+00:00May 26th, 2015|

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electrics, once wrote, “Any company trying to compete should figure out a way to engage the mind of every employee.” Why is employee engagement so important? Because, according to Enterprise IG, 70 percent of customers’ brand perception is determined by conversations with employees. Your brand is only as strong [...]

5 events where organizational change programs can transform your business.

2016-11-14T15:19:53+00:00April 8th, 2015|

When it comes to your corporate message, it is easy to assume that your employees “get it.” But if there is one thing you are not in the business of, it should be “assuming.” One of the most effective ways to stop assuming and start ensuring your employees are capable of bringing your message to [...]

Does your online customer journey hit a dead end offline?

2016-08-26T08:39:48+00:00March 25th, 2015|

Savvy marketers understand creating a customer-centric online experience that allows for one-to-one communication is paramount to creating a compelling online customer journey. To accomplish this, much of their focus and resources are committed to engaging customers through the many online channels and on the many devices that customers use. And with the diminishing effectiveness of [...]

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