When it comes to your corporate message, it is easy to assume that your employees “get it.” But if there is one thing you are not in the business of, it should be “assuming.” One of the most effective ways to stop assuming and start ensuring your employees are capable of bringing your message to life in a clear, compelling and consistent way is to invest time infusing your message into your company and into your culture. Only when employees are fully trained can individuals in every functional area of your business create greater continuity throughout the customer experience.

There are five major events where organizational change messaging programs can make the difference in the success or failure of your business.

  1. Annual sales or company meetings. There is no better time to level set organizational goals and ensure your
    employees understand the current go-to-market message than when you are communicating new business strategies and initiatives.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions. Messaging training is essential in M&A environments. When two companies come together, the story inevitably changes. This can be confusing for employees if they are not trained on the new message of the newly combined company. And if employees are confused, then the conversations with your prospects will be inconsistent at each touchpoint in the buying journey.
  3. Trade shows and customer conferences. Cohesive messaging can be the single most important driver of the success of a trade show or customer conference. These face-to-face marketing events are critical. It is essential that every employee at every event is trained and understands how to engage in a clear, compelling and consistent conversation.
  4. New product launch. Customers always want to know more about new products and services. By training your employees on the story behind the product or service, you can make sure every conversation delivers optimal
    sales results.
  5. New employee orientation and onboarding. Every new employee orientation should include training on your corporate message. It is critical that you have consistent and formalized training in both content and processes surrounding your corporate messaging so employees are well grounded from day one.

By putting employees through a formal messaging and training process, you can make the most of these and
other corporate events.

To have a material impact on your business, organizational change messaging programs should be woven into the fabric of your culture. And when this happens, you will maximize the return on every communication investment you make, and, as a result, transform your customer experience.

Discover how you can activate the most powerful marketing channel that resides within your organization.