About James O'Gara

O’Gara has spent thousands of hours formulating winning go-to-market strategies and stories for dozens of Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of high-growth businesses. O’Gara’s expertise in go-to-market strategy development, customer research, messaging and positioning, as well as customer-centric culture development, has earned him the respect of executives around the world. His ability to breakdown strategy, sales, marketing and positioning challenges in complex industries has been invaluable to CEOs and CMOs at a number of leading companies.

Improve Your Culture and Bottom Line with Real Customer Stories.

2019-12-11T15:26:32-06:00December 11th, 2019|

Companies and executives that are serious about customer-centricity — are committed to elevating and activating the Voice of the Customer. How do they do this? Well, one thing they commit to is … storytelling. Sharing authentic customer stories. That’s right. From executive-level decisions to day-to-day employee conversations and daily sales conversations — customer stories are [...]

Start 2020 with a Shared Story.

2019-12-04T10:47:16-06:00December 4th, 2019|

If you are like most marketing and sales leaders, December is the time of year when you re-evaluate your product, service or corporate messaging. And, one of the biggest obstacles is ensuring that both sales and marketing get behind the same, consistent … shared story. So, to help you gain alignment and successfully navigate this [...]

Your Product is Meaningless Until Your Story Resonates with Your Buyer.

2019-11-27T16:10:34-06:00November 27th, 2019|

When it comes to B2B purchasing decisions, the fact is, it really doesn’t matter how superior your product or service is compared to the competition. Now, that message won’t always go over well in a room full of product leaders and business professionals – but, it is true. What ultimately matters in the buying process [...]

Where Does Your Corporate Messaging (Story) Reside On Your 2020 Priority List?

2019-11-19T13:38:57-06:00November 19th, 2019|

“0% (yes zero) of marketing and sales leaders see complete consistency in their company’s messaging across the customer conversation continuum.” -- Survey of 200 marketing and sales leaders As an OnMessage Minute subscriber, you obviously realize the importance of delivering a clear, compelling and consistent corporate story in the market. So, this week we [...]

Five Questions Every CEO Must Answer to Maximize Customer Engagement

2019-11-13T06:30:09-06:00November 13th, 2019|

This week’s post includes an excerpt from: 40+ WAYS TO INCREASE ORGANIZATIONAL CLARITY, ALIGNMENT AND PERFORMANCE Five Questions Every CEO Must Answer to Maximize Customer Engagement. Here are five questions every CEO should answer to determine if their corporate story is maximizing engagement and growth opportunities throughout the [...]