About James O'Gara

With more than 25 years experience building collaborative relationships with executive teams, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge to every client engagement. O’Gara has spent thousands of hours formulating winning go-to-market strategies and stories for dozens of Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of high-growth businesses. O’Gara’s expertise in go-to-market strategy development, customer research, corporate messaging and positioning, customer experience management as well as customer-centric culture development has earned him the respect of executives around the world. Over the years, his ability to breakdown business, marketing and customer experience challenges in complex industries (such as healthcare, technology and professional services) has been invaluable to CEOs and CMOs at a number of leading companies. Jim is an active member of the Forbes Communications Council and his thought leadership often appears on Forbes.com.

The True Impact Real Customer Experience Stories Have on Business Performance

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“Despite the marketing rhetoric and self‑proclamations of being customer focused, most companies are product‑centric, not customer‑centric. Calling yourself customer‑centric doesn’t make it so.”  — Chuck Schaeffer, Vantive Media CEO So, we ask you – as a CEO or C-suite executive – is your organization customer-centric? How do you know? How can you tell? You may [...]

C-Suite: Are You Committed to Voice of the Customer?

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Almost every C-suite executive claims that their company is — or desires to be — customer-driven. However, the truth is that very few executives base their business strategy and daily decisions on an intimate understanding of the customer and real customer insights. Constructing a customer-centric business starts at the top. If you truly want to [...]

5 Questions Every CEO Must Answer to Maximize Customer Engagement.

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The #1 trait of companies that succeed in delivering a superior customer experience is the ability to develop and deliver a clear, consistent message. (McKinsey) Today, prospects and customers expect continuity and consistency throughout the buyer journey. One way CEOs and C‑suite executives can ensure this happens is to implement a disciplined process for developing [...]

CEOs: Employee Actions and Words May Be Killing Your Business.

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CEOs and C-suite executives must realize that the actions taken and the words used by their employees directly impact the customer experience and the company's financial results. So, as a CEO or C-suite executive, how can you influence those actions and words? It’s simple. Your corporate strategy Should drive consistent actions and outcomes across your [...]

Clarity in the Minds of Customers Starts in the C-Suite

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To establish clarity in the minds of customers, the C-suite must make corporate messaging a strategic priority across the organization and fully buy into the fact that the story directly impacts the financial performance of the business. It also requires that the C-suite get sales, marketing and customer experience leaders in a room to define [...]

CEOs Achieve Success Through Consistency, Connectivity and Continuity

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In the hyper-connected, always-on, customer-driven world we operate in today, leading CEOs are leaving their old-school definitions of marketing and communications behind. They are writing a new playbook. A communications playbook for the entire enterprise that is rooted in delivering a consistent, connected and cohesive story throughout the customer experience.  Consistency serves as the cornerstone. [...]

Barriers Preventing CEOs from Getting a Consistent Message Delivered

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As a CEO or C-suite executive, it is critical that you think about one simple fact: Today, your prospects and customers have unlimited access to your business. Their experience spans more people, processes and technologies than ever before. This has resulted in an explosion in the number of ways prospects and customers interact with your [...]

10 Commitments CEOs Must Make to Experience CX Success

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For customer experience to translate into improved financial performance and serve as a competitive advantage, it must be embraced enterprise-wide. It must be implemented in a cross-functional manner — and, it has to be a priority for you and your entire C-suite. Here are 10 commitments you must make, as the CEO, if you want [...]

C-Suite: In the Experience Economy, There’s No Place to Hide.

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Fact: The “always-connected” customer has unprecedented access to your organization. C-suite executives need to realize that how their business operates, what their organization believes in, the actions their employees take and the messages used to describe their business are … omnipresent. These messages and interactions define the employee and customer experience with your company. They [...]