The strategic role content plays in the customer experience

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Most marketers think of lead conversion when they think of content. But with this perspective they are missing out on the strategic role content plays in the customer experience. Content marketing is about generating leads. Thought leadership is about earning and establishing credibility with your target audience throughout the customer experience. It is about owning [...]

Aligning the Online and Offline Customer Experience

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For years, experts have predicted that digital was going to be the demise of face-to-face marketing. However, customers clearly value both their online and offline experiences. They are continuously engaging with your company and consuming your corporate story through a multitude of channels. To them, it is not about online and offline. It’s about the [...]

Maintaining Alignment Between Our Story and Strategy

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Many of you who follow OnMessage know that we stress the importance of maintaining alignment between a company’s story and strategy. This is extremely challenging as a business evolves and changes. Yet, alignment is paramount if you want employees, customers and partners to truly embrace your story and strategy. The truth is, companies that align [...]

Why both online and offline experiences matter

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For the past several years, CMOs in business-to-business companies have been consumed with digital channels and technology. They have been focused on launching, connecting and optimizing online content and connection points with customers. And rightly so. All of this stuff is fairly new and has truly transformed the way customers engage with companies. With that [...]