“We have these war for talent issues going on everywhere.”
Joyce Maroney, Executive Director at the Workforce Institute

2020 has been declared by many to be the year of “the war for talent.” Competition to attract and retain the best possible talent is on the rise and only those companies that deliver a compelling end-to-end employee experience will win. The problem is, many HR and marketing communications leaders are struggling to make this happen. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Gartner, HR leaders say that the state of their current “employee experience” is a top 5 challenge and priority for them in 2020.

46% of employees state their company is not meeting expectations when it comes to the employee experience.

If this is true for you, what are your plans for improving the employee experience and winning the war for talent this year? Well, there are three things you can do to make significant improvements in the months ahead.

  1. Define your employee value proposition: Conduct the research necessary to capture the voice of your employee and use those insights to crystallize the value messages you use to attract and retain key contributors.
  2. Align your internal and external messages: Ensure that the messages delivered by executives, marketing and HR are fully aligned so you can establish greater clarity and conviction throughout the employee experience — from recruitment through retention.
  3. Elevate your higher-purpose and core values: Clearly define your company’s higher-purpose and core values. Then, implement a sustained communications strategy to ensure it is infused into the hearts and minds of your employees.

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