If you are like other CEOs, CMOs and business leaders you are quickly coming to the realization that every aspect of your organization must work together to achieve lasting customer experience success.

It’s not just about successful lead generation.

It’s not just about great sales conversion rates.

It’s not just about your Net Promoter Score.

Only when all three phases of the customer experience (self-service, sales, post-purchase) are performing at the highest level can a company reach its full potential.

There is one aspect of your business that connects and directly impacts every phase of the customer experience … your corporate story. More specifically, the messages that prospects and customers consume throughout their journey with your company. From a prospect’s first encounter with your website, to the conversations they have with your sales team, to the connections they have with your customer support team — and everywhere in between — your story is omnipresent.

The question is, just how clear, compelling and consistent is that story?

If your corporate messaging is inconsistent, fragmented and disconnected it negatively impacts your business. How?

An inconsistent corporate story negatively impacts loyalty and trust by creating …

  • Confusion
  • Uncertainty
  • Doubt

And, we all know the foundation of any lasting, profitable customer relationship is … trust.

OnMessage has spent the last 18 years working with executives to ensure their story and strategy comes to life consistently throughout the customer journey. Helping them establish credibility and trust with existing customers … and future prospects.

We work with executives who understand what it takes to compete in the new experience economy. Executives who are committed to ensuring employees and partners can instinctively activate the corporate story and strategy as they connect and communicate with customers and one another.

Take a few minutes to read, Culture: The Byproduct of your Story and Strategy. You’ll discover the secret to developing and activating a consistent corporate story that increases employee engagement and improves the customer experience.

If, after reading this white paper, you would like to learn how we can help you align and activate your organization around a clear, compelling and consistent corporate story please request a briefing with our experts.