It is hard to believe that 2019 is quickly coming to a close. Once again, over the past year we delivered 52 valuable articles and insights to your inbox through our weekly OnMessage Minute. We hope you enjoyed them all. That said, to close out the year, we decided to share five of the most popular OnMessage Minutes of 2019 — just in case you missed one.

Is the value you deliver clear and compelling to your target audience?
“Over 65% of sales leaders feel they’re losing business because they don’t have a compelling value proposition.” – Miller Heiman, Sales Best Practice Study. Too often we see the same issue negatively impacting sales performance at B2B companies: features and benefits taking precedence over the deeper, more meaningful value a […]

How The Relationship Between CMOs and Cross-Functional Leaders is Changing.
“The opportunity to create emotive and powerful experiences for customers is out there but only if the CMO Collaborator can inspire customer-centric thinking that resonates with a positive brand experience across all lines of business.” — 2019 Accenture Report Changes in the CMO’s role and the customer experience are far […]

Let’s Be Honest. Your Business Lives and Dies By Its Message.
While almost every marketer would vehemently agree that messaging (their story) is a vital component to success, the simple fact is … most do not have a disciplined approach to messaging development and management. “Only 3% of B2B sales and marketing professionals say their company uses a repeatable process when […]

3 Keys To Driving Optimal Engagement Throughout the Buyer Journey.
Today, prospects and customers expect continuity and consistency throughout the buying process. One way CEOs and C‑suite executives can ensure this happens is to implement a disciplined process for developing and delivering a consistent corporate story throughout the customer experience. Here are three questions every business leader should answer to […]

The Three Cs to Establishing Differentiation in the Market.
In the hyper-connected, always-on, customer-driven world we operate in today, business leaders are leaving their old-school definitions of marketing and communications behind. They are writing a new playbook. A communications playbook for the entire enterprise that is rooted in delivering a consistent, connected and cohesive story throughout the customer experience.  […]