“The opportunity to create emotive and powerful experiences for customers is out there but only if the CMO Collaborator can inspire customer-centric thinking that resonates with a positive brand experience across all lines of business.”
— 2019 Accenture Report

Changes in the CMO’s role and the customer experience are far reaching. Left unaddressed, these changes will continue to prevent CMOs and executive teams from achieving greater success and maximizing the customer experience opportunity. To capture the customer experience opportunity, CMOs and leaders across the organization must be on the same page.

They must buy into two simple facts:

  1. Now, more than ever before, the corporate story your target audience consumes throughout their journey determines the degree of success your company will achieve in the future.
  1. The process by which your corporate story is developed, delivered and managed throughout the customer experience must fundamentally change to meet the needs of today’s B2B buyer.

This means CMOs and leaders across the organization must play a greater role in bringing the corporate story to life consistently … throughout the customer experience. It means, until the entire leadership team commits to developing a customer-centric culture and an intentional process that infuses clear, compelling and consistent corporate messaging throughout the customer experience — the business will fail to realize its true potential.

However, when cross-functional leaders get behind these strategic initiatives — the customer experience opportunity can be fully realized. The opportunity to improve competitive differentiation, elevate audience engagement, increase customer acquisition, retention and loyalty — are all within reach.

Developing a clear, compelling and consistent story is where the journey starts, but visible and persistent commitment to stay the course — is the key to success. CMOs and business leaders must pull that story through the customer experience — ensuring it is delivered consistently across critical touchpoints throughout the journey. Maybe that’s why Jonathan Copulsky, a partner at Deloitte Consulting, said …

“Great marketers know the best brands are built one brick at a time, over and over again.”

To be successful, CMOs must have unwavering commitment and persistence. They will have to remind themselves and other leaders across the company that this is a journey, not a destination. It is transformational, not transactional in nature.

The entire leadership team must pull the organization forward by keeping the corporate story, brand promise and voice of the customer visible in their words and actions. They must consistently articulate a clear, compelling and consistent message — inside and outside of the organization.

Bottom line — leaders who want to win in the future must put the resources in place to institutionalize the processes, culture, mindset and behavioral changes required to transform the way employees bring the corporate story to life throughout the customer experience.


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