As a respected colleague and business professional, we want you to be one of the first to hear about the new book our founder and CEO, James O’Gara, just published:


As you know, for the past 18 years, Mr. O’Gara has been fortunate to work with C-suite executives at literally hundreds of high-growth and Fortune 1000 companies. Much of this work has been helping leaders leverage the power and influence of communications to achieve specific business results.

In his new book, James shares the knowledge gained and lessons learned that he has collected after spending thousands of hours working side by side, in the trenches with business leaders across a wide range of industries.

Increase Organizational Clarity, Alignment & Performance

Each chapter focuses on a specific macro-communications topic or challenge. Then, within each chapter, you will find four to five stories and recommendations to help you improve performance in that specific area of your business through effective communication strategies.

In total, there are 40+ techniques and recommendations included within the book. You can start your journey anywhere you would like. Pick a chapter or topic that speaks to you, then read one or all of the stories within that section. Jump from one story and chapter to the next.

Ultimately, his goal in compiling these insights and strategic recommendations was to get C-suite and business leaders, like yourself, to think differently about how you communicate internally and externally. To help you understand the power and influence that communication can have on business results.

While every chapter and story may not pertain to specific challenges that your company faces right here, right now — we are confident that you will uncover a number of actionable insights you can use to increase clarity, alignment and performance across your organization.

You can access excerpts from the book here or purchase it on Amazon today.