In the hyper-connected, always-on, customer-driven world we operate in today, leading CEOs are leaving their old-school definitions of marketing and communications behind. They are writing a new playbook. A communications playbook for the entire enterprise that is rooted in delivering a consistent, connected and cohesive story throughout the customer experience.

 Consistency serves as the cornerstone.

As a CEO or C-suite executive, you have long understood that formulating a meaningful and relevant corporate story is critical to success. However, what you may not have realized is that delivering a clear, consistent story throughout the customer experience ultimately determines the winners and losers in business today. In fact, I would go so far as to say that a flawed, less-than-compelling corporate story — delivered consistently throughout the customer experience — will outperform a highly effective, relevant message that is delivered inconsistently … every time.

Connectivity is what establishes critical links.

One thing successful companies have been known for is launching things. Launching new brands. Launching new campaigns. However, what will define successful companies in the future is not how well they launch things … but how consistently they link things. More specifically, intentionally linking the various conversations, communication channels, marketing vehicles and touchpoints that play a critical role in the customer journey. An article on crystalizes this thought …

“Customers don’t need more ads, emails, ebooks, webinars, workshops, phone messages, sales meetings … they need an experience that turns their interest to purchase. You must think about every touchpoint in a very intentional way rather than simply creating yet another marketing initiative.”

Continuity is about the customer experience.

The customer experience, as the battleground for business, has elevated the importance of “intentional” consistency, connectivity and continuity of your story like never before. To be successful, CEOs are deploying an entirely different approach to managing the corporate story throughout the customer journey. They are reengineering roles, responsibilities and processes. They are reaching across “party lines” and developing connected, cross-functional messaging development and delivery processes between every customer-facing area of the company. These CEOs are breaking down silos across the business that prevent the company from delivering a clear, consistent and connected story. They are demanding the development of cross-functional communication strategies and implementing change management programs to transform how the company’s story is brought to life throughout the customer experience.

Why is consistency, connectivity and continuity so important to the modern CEO?

Because, the customer experience has fundamentally changed how prospects and customers engage with your company. It has also changed the way companies acquire, retain and create loyal customers. These changes are sweeping and impact almost every facet of the business.

Leading CEOs are meeting these challenges head-on by redefining how their organization delivers the company story. They are designing and implementing messaging development and delivery processes that will meet the communication and connectivity requirements of today’s buyer. In the end, leading CEOs are transforming their companies into “customer-centric” organizations that are intentionally engineered to bring a clear, compelling and consistent story to life throughout the customer experience.