Top 5 Articles Read By CEOs.

We often address challenges and solutions for maintaining organizational clarity and alignment. We speak even more about CEO communication and accountability. In this week’s OnMessage Minute, we have compiled the most popular CEO articles that we have published on these topics over the last six months. Take a few minutes to review the excerpts from these articles and then dig in to each topic to capture the insights and knowledge you need to make improvements in each of these areas:

CEOs — Do Employees Even Know Your Strategy?
“Strategies are only effective when they are executed — and executed consistently. The cornerstone of effective execution is awareness and understanding. This can only be achieved through persistent and consistent communication of the strategy. More than anything else, business performance is negatively impacted from poor communication of strategy. And a significant shortfall in business performance today can be directly attributed to lack of communication accountability up and down the organization. Who owns this? The CEO and C-suite.”

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Seven out of 10 Employees Don’t Know Where You – Or They – Are Going.

“The truth is activating your vision and strategy is hard. What C-suite executives must understand is that achieving organizational clarity and alignment in these areas is not a “one and done” effort. It requires intentionality at every layer of the organization. Not just within the executive team — but with every leader in the company with P&L responsibilities and direct reports.”

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Why a Lack of Clarity is Costing You.

“As a C-suite executive or leader you know there is nothing more important than clarity. Clarity in the story you want to tell. Clarity in the strategy you want to execute. Growth and change negatively impact clarity. And that is a problem, because clarity is the cornerstone of every high-performing organization. Without a clear understanding of your company’s story and strategy — your organization will not perform at the highest level.”

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Organizational Clarity and Alignment Don’t Happen by Chance.

“In the chaotic business world we operate in today, organizational clarity and alignment don’t happen by chance. Executive teams that run high performing organizations realize this. They acknowledge the critical role clarity and alignment play in business performance. They understand for the company’s strategy and story to drive optimal business performance, it must be institutionalized.”

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Attn: C-suite … How Are You Increasing Employee Focus and Conviction?

“There are times in every person’s life when focus and conviction around what they are doing is laser sharp. Nothing will get in their way. Their destination is crystal clear. No barrier is too great for them to overcome. Isn’t that the mindset every executive wants from their employees … every day? Of course it is and of course leading executives get it. They harness focus and conviction to create winning cultures. Their employees have deep conviction in what they do and how it supports the bigger picture.”

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