Knowledge Is Great. But Action is Required to Deliver Results.

We have been sending out the OnMessage Minute every week for more than a decade. It’s no wonder every time we speak with business leaders, they share how much they value the expertise we impart through this communication vehicle. We consistently hear things like…

“I really enjoy the OnMessage Minute. It’s the only weekly email I read religiously.”

“Your OnMessage Minute is spot-on. I often share it with our executives when it speaks to a specific challenge that we are facing in our organization.”

“We’ve been reading your OnMessage Minute for years, and the topic last week really struck a chord. That’s why we reached out to you.”

We are very proud of the knowledge we share every week, and we truly value the feedback many of you have provided over the years.

With that said, what really gets us excited is the feedback we get from clients who actually “act” on these insights and best practices by engaging us to assist with strategic positioning, messaging and communications initiatives. Here are just a few things our clients have to say about activating the expertise we impart through our disciplined engagements:

“OnMessage has been instrumental in helping us bring together two different organizations with very different cultures. Their ability to establish a singular cultural message with clarity and alignment around our vision and corporate story has been invaluable throughout our merger integration process.”
– Robert Peterson, President and COO at HilltopSecurities

“OnMessage gets it. They are experts at aligning go-to-market strategies and stories. They understand how to establish differentiation in the market. Their team has been invaluable over the years.”
– Stacey Coreil Little, Vice President / General Manager at BDI Pharma

“OnMessage has keen insight for marketing, messaging and sales enablement tools that accelerate the monetization of products.”
 – Grady Tucker, Enterprise Account Executive at Simflofy

“OnMessage is known for their ability to help executive teams focus and provide the structure required to bring clarity to any strategic planning process.”
– Corrie Brock, Head of Branding and Communications at HILTI

The big difference between the individuals who just read the OnMessage Minute and those who act on it is simple:


Some say that knowledge is power. Well, that is only true when action is taken against it.

So, we have to ask …

Do you know that your corporate message has to be improved?
Do you know that you have to reposition your business to be more competitive?
Do you know that employees need greater clarity on your vision and strategy?
Do you know that your sales need a better story to close more deals?

Then act on that knowledge. Do something about it yourself — or call us and we will help.

Maxwell Maltz once said …

“Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one’s better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk, and to act.”

Remember, knowledge is great. But if you want to change the trajectory of your career or business … you have to act. What are you waiting for?

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About the Author: James O'Gara

O’Gara has spent thousands of hours formulating winning go-to-market strategies and stories for dozens of Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of high-growth businesses. O’Gara’s expertise in go-to-market strategy development, customer research, messaging and positioning, as well as customer-centric culture development, has earned him the respect of executives around the world. His ability to breakdown strategy, sales, marketing and positioning challenges in complex industries has been invaluable to CEOs and CMOs at a number of leading companies.

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