How to Recapture Organizational Clarity and Alignment

Maybe you’re the original founder of the business … maybe you are not. Regardless, when you first took the reins at the company you…

  • Were laser focused on a clearly defined market opportunity
  • Developed a strategy that was simple and easy for everyone to understand
  • Ensured everyone on the team was aligned with your vision and mission
  • Reminded the team every day of the company’s higher purpose
  • Made sure everyone was clear on how the company should be positioned in the market
  • You even made sure the corporate story you were sharing with customers was clear, compelling and consistent across all critical touch points.

Remember? Clarity and alignment were at an all-time high. And, most likely, so was your revenue growth, customer loyalty, employee engagement and competitive differentiation in the market.

What happened? Where did that go?

“Most successful businesses start off with a clear, insurgent mission on behalf of underserved customers. They are at war with their industry and each employee understands the company’s bold vision—and is inspired by it. Yet as a company grows over time, this insurgent mission and sense of purpose can become diluted.” — Chris Zook, Founder’s Mentality

Every CEO knows what this quote is talking about. There are points and times in the company’s history where clarity and alignment is absolute. However, that quickly fades as time passes, organizational changes take root and the strategy evolves. The good news is, you can regain that clarity and alignment. But it requires commitment from you, your leaders and middle management teams. It requires intentional, concerted effort and energy — up and down the organization.

Are you struggling to get your company to the next level? Has growth stalled? Is employee engagement at an all-time low? It may be for one or several of the following reasons…

  • Your business strategy has gotten cloudy and employees no longer understand how they connect with the bigger picture.
  • Your purpose, vision, mission and values are no longer actively embraced up and down the organization.
  • Words and actions from your leadership team no longer align with or support your corporate story and strategy.
  • Employees lack connection with, understanding of or belief in your story and strategy.
  • Customers’ acquisition rates are stagnant or declining because you lack a differentiated corporate story that is delivered consistently throughout the customer experience.

Maybe these are the reasons. Maybe they’re not. But the fact is, when growth stalls … when culture negatively impacts business performance … and when leaders are no longer aligned — lack of clarity in your corporate story and strategy is very likely the root cause.

Recapture clarity. The clarity you and your workforce had in the past.

Regain alignment. The organizational alignment that drove connected decisions and actions throughout the business.

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