We are often asked to share some of the “nuggets of knowledge” that we’ve gained having worked with C-suite leaders across hundreds of businesses for the last two decades. So, in this week’s OnMessage Minute we have compiled a few quotes that capture our point of view when it comes to – organizational clarity, alignment and performance.

“Growth and change negatively impact clarity. And that is a problem, because clarity is the cornerstone of every high-performing organization.”

 “Every leadership team and company goes through it. The company grows. The vision becomes blurry, the strategy becomes less obvious across the organization. The company loses sight of its story and purpose. It happens. The question is, as a C-suite executive, what are you going to do about it?”

 “Executive teams that run high-performing organizations realize the critical role clarity and alignment play in business performance. They understand that for the company’s strategy and story to drive optimal business performance, it must be institutionalized.”

 “The fact is, when growth stalls, when culture negatively impacts business performance and when leaders are no longer aligned — lack of clarity in your corporate story and strategy is very likely the root cause.”

 “Just remember that establishing alignment between your vision, strategy and story is hard. Operationalizing it is even more difficult. However, executive teams that make it a priority and stay the course … improve employee engagement, increase customer retention and create high-performing businesses.”

 “Sure, C-suite executives hold themselves accountable for strategy. However, what many executives have not acknowledged is they own the story behind it.”

 “Great CEOs and C-suite executives never underestimate the power and influence their message can have on the business. They realize a crystal-clear message — that generates strategically aligned decisions and actions — is what separates high‑performing companies from the also-rans.”

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