Three Ways a Content Strategy Can Help You Establish an Ownable Thought Leadership Position

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 76 percent of organizations plan to produce even more content this year. But how much of that content is actually advancing your organization as a thought leader and adding value to the customer experience?

Chances are, not much. Just 30 percent of organizations say they are effective at content marketing. And that’s not surprising, as only 32 percent of organizations report having a documented content strategy.

Having a documented content strategy that is rooted in your Corporate Messaging Platform can mean the difference between relevant, engaging and successful content — and just being another one of the millions of articles posted to the Web each day. A documented content strategy aligns your business goals, thought leadership positions and services and solutions you offer to customers’ challenges and pain points. It also provides a roadmap for how you communicate with and engage customers. Here are three ways a documented content strategy can impact content and shape your overall customer experience.

  1. Maximize audience engagement: An effective content strategy is both aligned with your corporate message and rooted in your buyer personas, enabling you to speak directly to customers’ challenges and pain points while remaining aligned with your organization’s business goals. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found that when buyer personas are used correctly in content, they have the power to increase effectiveness by up to 45 percent.
  2. Extend and amplify your corporate message. Having a documented content strategy will help CMOs lead the charge in pulling the corporate message forward, strategically and intentionally, through all content. This will amplify your corporate message above the noise and create a consistent and cohesive thought leadership story throughout the customer experience.
  3. Establish a consistent thought leadership position. Content has the power to shape customers’ thinking, but only when it takes a consistent and ownable stance with a clear and compelling point of view on issues that are meaningful and relevant to your target audience. A documented content strategy ensures that content supports a clearly defined and differentiated point of view that captures your customers’ attention and positions you clearly in their mind.

A documented content strategy that is anchored in your Corporate Messaging Platform can transform content into a powerful tool that shapes customer thinking, extends your corporate message and transforms the overall customer experience.

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