Brian Kardon, the CMO at InVision, was recently asked what attributes marketing leaders must possess if they want to succeed. Kardon replied…

“You have to be able to repeatedly nail your messaging. It’s one of the first things that sets you apart.”

Think about it. Your company’s story is the thread that connects the entire customer experience. Corporate messaging is the one thing that is omnipresent across all communication channels, vehicles, touchpoints and conversations that make up the customer journey.

That’s why the ability for CMOs to develop and orchestrate the delivery of a clear, compelling and consistent message … matters more today than ever before.

Bruce Goldberg, who was the CMO at the International Securities Exchange, once said …

“CMOs are the prime movers of their brands’ perception. They are the custodians of their brand in all areas and how all constituencies — customers, employees, the media, regulators — view their company.”

Goldberg knew that corporate messaging development and delivery is all about creating positive perceptions internally and externally. And the perception customers have of your business is highly influenced by the interactions they have with your people. In fact, according to a leading customer service firm, Customer Think, up to 70 percent of your company’s brand perception is based on the interactions they have with your employees. That’s why it is critical every employee buys into the story and has the skills required to bring it to life in the customer experience.

The point is, modern marketers must understand — today more than ever — that their internal customer (workforce) is just as important as the customer involved in the buying process. After all, your employees are the ones who make the first — and lasting — impression on your actual customers. Maybe that’s why Richard Branson said …

“If you look after your internal customers, you don’t have to worry about the external customers.”

In the context of your corporate messaging, this means you must ensure every employee truly understands and embraces the story you want to bring to life in the customer experience. Does this happen at your company? If not, it’s time to develop an intentional awareness, education and activation plan that ensures your employees share a clear, compelling and consistent story throughout the customer journey.