Walk the halls of your office and ask 10 employees to tell you the value your business offers customers. Most likely you will hear 10 different answers. Now ask your senior leadership the same question. You will likely hear numerous answers that relate more to that person’s role in the business than the value your collective company creates for your customers.

If your employees can’t consistently communicate the value your business provides, how can you expect prospects and customers to internalize and understand that value.

A recent Korn Ferry study found that 57 percent of CMOs are unable to directly connect marketing efforts to tangible business objectives; 17 percent cite the inability to drive organizational change; and 34 percent of CMOs struggle with creating sustainable and engaging customer relationships while improving the customer experience.

To create lasting organizational change that impacts business results and results in a superior customer experience, you must develop and deliver a clear, compelling and consistent corporate message. This starts with a Corporate Messaging Platform. Once developed, the Corporate Messaging Platform must then be infused inside and outside of your organization through …

  • Organizational change management programs that ensure employees fully understand how to bring your story to life throughout the customer experience.
  • Sales enablement processes that ignite sales by weaving consistent corporate messaging into sales tools and conversations.
  • Content development efforts that amplify thought leadership with content that is strategically aligned with corporate positioning and messaging.
  • Brand integration initiatives that align your narrative and visual brand in memorable ways.

Make 2015 the year you eliminate customer confusion and create lasting change in your customer experience by delivering a clear, compelling and consistent corporate message.

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