Did you know poor communication is one of the six main reasons M&As fail?

Why clear, compelling and consistent messaging is crucial throughout the integration process.

Communication is critical when mergers and acquisitions take place because they can be highly disruptive and create a lot of confusion. This is a problem because people crave clarity. In the case of a merger or acquisition, employees and customers alike want to know: “What’s the story?”

  • Leaders want to know the story they are to communicate to employees.
  • Sales people want to know the story they are to tell customers.
  • Employees want to know what it means to their job today and in the future.

To answer these and many other questions, executives must align the newly combined company’s go-to-market strategy and the messages shared with employees and customers throughout the integration process.

Watch this video to see why marketing, HR and C-suite executives are placing corporate messaging development and organizational change at the top of their M&A integration checklist. Plus, you’ll learn how infusing a clear, compelling and consistent corporate story into your culture and customer experience increases M&A integration success.

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