Disruption is driving fragmented, inconsistent corporate messaging.

A recent McKinsey study, “Marketing Disruption: Five blind spots on the road to marketing’s potential,” found that the complexity of marketing disrupters, and the speed at which they are experienced, is causing confusion and preventing marketers from achieving long­-term success. The report defines disruption as “any profound change in the business landscape that forces marketing organizations to undergo significant transformations, as opposed to incremental change.”

The report found that the number one blind spot that presents a risk to marketing’s transformation is a fragmented customer journey.

Customer expectations are continuously evolving, which means marketing and business executives must keep in step with respect to delivering a clear, compelling customer experience. Eighty-­six percent of marketers surveyed claim to collect insights to provide a competitive advantage and 82 percent collect insights to help shape business strategy; however, marketing still struggles with managing the customer decision journey.

Fragmentation in the customer journey is largely a result of fragmentation across the business. While marketers are beginning to understand the importance of providing a consistent and compelling customer experience, they are all too often failing to create clear, consistent corporate messaging and pull that story throughout the organization. For marketers to successfully bring their corporate message to life, they must ensure every customer­-facing area of the business understands the corporate message and how to utilize messaging in customer conversations.

With disruption being the new norm, marketers must change the way they view the development and delivery of corporate messaging. And the companies that will succeed are those that have processes in place to ensure a clear, compelling and consistent corporate message is infused both inside and outside to improve the customer experience.

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