Infusion: The Secret Weapon of Leading CMOs

The first question you might ask is … what’s messaging infusion?

It is the disciplined process leading B2B companies use to deliver a clear, compelling and consistent message throughout the customer experience.

How does messaging infusion work?

CMOs collaborate with the executive team to align the company’s go-to-market strategy with customer requirements and formulate a clear, compelling and consistent corporate message. To accomplish this, CMOs must conduct extensive discovery and diagnostic work to assess the company’s go-to-market strategy, competitive environment, voice of the customer (VoC) and voice of the employee (VoE). CMOs must ascertain what the corporate message is now and how it must be improved. They will then need to analyze how the corporate story is developed as well as where and when it is delivered throughout the customer experience.

Once a clear, compelling and consistent corporate messaging platform is in place—an infusion strategy must be designed and developed. The messaging infusion strategy formally documents the processes, people, systems and guidelines that are required to attain consistent messaging infusion throughout the customer experience. This will require some degree of process re-engineering, formal education and new operating procedures for marketing and customer-facing areas of the business. The corporate messaging platform and messaging infusion strategy are activated by “igniting the platform” across critical touchpoints throughout the customer journey. When these engines are up and running, measurement and reporting systems are used to ensure corporate messaging is resonating with customers and the infusion process is achieving engagement, conversion, retention and loyalty goals documented in the messaging infusion strategy.

How does messaging infusion create value and why should CMOs care?

Messaging infusion is about deploying disciplined and formal enterprise-wide processes that are intentionally designed to pull a clear, compelling and consistent corporate story throughout the customer experience. It is the strategic lever CMOs are pulling to gain greater control of the story consumed throughout the customer journey and connect customer-facing areas of the business that impact the overall customer experience.

It requires top-down commitment from the CEO and CMO.

Messaging infusion is not an overnight process. It is transformational in nature and a multi-year journey, but the value it generates is well worth it. From the C-suite to marketing, sales, customer service, public relations, human resources, internal communications and more—messaging infusion creates value across the enterprise. Learn more about the specific benefits of messaging infusion for these and other stakeholders by reading this article on LinkedIn.

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