According to a recent study of 1,500 employees in five countries by The Institute for Public Relations (IPR), organizational performance is closely tied to organizational clarity, which can also serve as a leading indicator of future performance.

The problem is, most C-suite executives and business leaders do not have visibility to data that truly measures the degree of clarity exists across four critical aspects of the company that drive business performance:

Your reason for being, your purpose, the dent your company wants to leave in the universe.

Your macro go-to-market strategy; core business initiatives and priorities.

Your company’s positioning, value proposition and promise to customers.

Shared mindset, behaviors and actions across the business.

The first step to improving organizational performance is assessing the degree of clarity that currently exists in each of these areas – across your entire organization.

Vision, Strategy, Story, Values

If you really want to know the answers to these questions, a comprehensive Organizational Clarity Assessment is required. This assessment, offered by OnMessage, measures the degree of clarity that exists up and down the organization by: function, role, department … even at an individual contributor level.

So, if you want to improve business performance … get the facts. Assess the degree of clarity that exists across your enterprise. Start today by requesting a briefing with our experts.