We talk a lot about the importance of corporate stories. But this week, we are going to talk about another type of story that has come to the forefront in B2B sales and marketing.

That is your customer’s story. The story about their journey with your company. Where they were, where they are today and how you helped them get there.

The truth is, your customers have taken center stage in the buying process. Today, B2B buyers want — no, they expect — your salespeople to be able to share real, relevant customer experience stories and examples throughout the sales process.

That means the days of simply capturing 10-12 marquee case studies are over. To be competitive, your sales team needs rapid access to a library of real customer insights and stories. Stories that will connect with different stakeholders involved in the buying process … and stories that your salespeople can leverage in everyday selling situations.

You might be asking, do customer stories actually influence B2B buying decisions? The short answer is … yes. And there are a ton of studies and statistics that point to this fact.

Like, 90% of B2B buying decisions are influenced by what a buyer’s peers say or think about a vendor or a solution (Influitive Research).

Or, when Forrester asked B2B buyers to name highly valuable content that helps them make purchase decisions — 71% said real customer examples and stories.

The bigger question is why? Simply put, real customer stories work because B2B buyers are human. They are rational and emotional decision-makers.

Today, B2B buyers want to know what their peers are doing, the challenges they face and, most importantly, how they overcame those challenges and experienced success. Real customer stories provide buyers with the insights they are in search of and more confidence in their buying decisions.

If you’re a CEO, GM, sales leader or sales enablement professional — remember — there’s nothing more powerful than a story. Especially a real, compelling story told from the voice of your customer.

That’s why your salespeople need rapid access to real, relevant customer experience stories and insights that they can share with buyers to remain competitive.

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