Why customer experience stories have the power to connect

Today, OnMessage announced it has spun off a new business, StoryDimensions. A company 100 percent focused on helping clients produce a consistent stream of multidimensional customer experience stories that will help them grow their business.

While this announcement was just made, StoryDimensions has been years in the making. Over the last 15 years, the team at OnMessage has been fortunate to work with CEOs, CMOs, sales executives and customer experience professionals around the globe. During that period of time, there was one constant and consistent pain. A significant barrier most executives encountered. And that was the dearth of fresh, compelling customer stories they had available to share with prospective buyers, employees and partners.

There are many reasons why companies struggle to produce a consistent stream of real customer stories. One of which sits at the center of the problem: lack of a holistic, persistent and strategic approach. Our experience tells us most companies do not have a formal, disciplined process by which they identify, develop and deliver compelling customer stories on a consistent basis. With that said, there are a few that do. Cisco, Marketo, Microsoft and Salesforce to name a few. These companies are extremely effective at arming executives, sales professionals and customer-facing employees with the stories they need to bring the company’s value proposition and differentiation to life in the customer experience.

Executives at these companies made an intentional decision. Customer stories would be strategic. They would be used to create a customer‑centric culture and brand. We researched these and other companies that get it. We also studied the flawed, ill‑defined processes most companies have used over the years to identify, secure and produce customer stories. We took the lessons learned from the “leaders” and “laggards” in this area and engineered a repeatable process that enables clients to produce compelling customer stories — every 90 days, all year long.

Why is the customer story identification, development and delivery process strategic? Because, customer stories directly impact business performance.

In fact, Content Marketing Institute recently said, “80 percent of customers are swayed by recommendations from real people and companies, even if they don’t know them. Customer success stories have the potential to lend credibility to your company’s solutions and enhance your sales.” Harvard Business Review also stated, “Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.”

Prospects, employees and partners connect with real stories. They help these individuals visualize how your company can improve their lives and businesses. We are proud to officially launch StoryDimensions — a company 100 percent focused on helping clients produce a consistent stream of fresh, multidimensional customer experience stories that accelerate growth.

To learn more about StoryDimensions read the entire press release at PRWeb or visit storydimensions.com. Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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