The Critical Role the Employee-to-Customer Communication Channel Plays in Your Marketing Strategy.

Up to 70 percent of brand perception is based on how well you manage this channel.

Don’t let it jeopardize your multichannel marketing strategy.

To deliver a superior customer experience, CMOs must execute a cohesive and connected multichannel marketing strategy. A strategy that provides customers with a seamless experience, regardless of the channels or touchpoints they encounter throughout their journey.

However — there is one channel marketing executives often overlook and underutilize. It’s the channel that drives more than 70 percent of brand perception — and it’s used every day. It is your employee-to-customer communication channel.

As a marketing executive, this is one channel you cannot ignore. It must be fully integrated and activated if you are to win the customer experience battle that is in front of you today.

Watch this video to learn how leading CMOs are leveraging employee interactions with customers to deliver a differentiated customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

Customer Experience. Why CMOs Must Simplify, Then Act.

This paper explains how leading CMOs are demystifying and simplifying the customer journey. How they are capturing customer insights that inform strategies and drive actions that improve acquisition, retention, loyalty, advocacy and ultimately their customer’s overall experience.

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