Ask most C-suite executives if their company’s vision, strategy, culture and story matter and they will say … “Of course they matter.” But the real answer is uncovered when you ask the next question …

“What are you doing to ensure clarity and alignment exists in these areas – up and down your organization – on a consistent basis?”

In most cases … their answer is vague and delivered with less conviction. So, let’s be clear: Having a vision is one thing – infusing it into the fabric of your culture is another. Defining your go-to-market strategy is one thing, however translating that strategy into a message employees can understand and activate is something else.

The truth is, many business leaders are amazed to learn that 70 percent (7 out of 10) of all employees are unknowingly misaligned with their company’s strategic direction and just 55 percent of middle managers can even name one of their company’s top five priorities (Harvard Business Review).

These executives are even more shocked when they hear that 90 percent of their front-line employees don’t know what their company stands for and what makes it different from the competition (Gallup).

Bottom line: In the rapidly changing business environment we operate in today, organizational clarity and alignment doesn’t happen by chance.

What degree of clarity and alignment exists across your organization?

The first step in improving organizational performance is to understand the degree of clarity and alignment that exists across the company. This is accomplished by conducting a thorough assessment of the four dimensions of organizational performance:

Vision: Your reason for being, your purpose, the dent your company wants to leave in the universe.

Strategy: Your macro go-to-market strategy, core business initiatives and priorities.

Culture: Shared mindset, behaviors and actions across the business.

Story: Your company’s positioning, value proposition and promise to customers.

The assessment enables you to understand how aligned the organization is around the shared beliefs, decisions and actions that are required to drive optimal business results.

How Do You Get Started?

Within 45 days, OnMessage can capture and deliver critical insights through quantitative and qualitative research that provides you with a baseline report on the degree of clarity that exists across all four dimensions of organizational performance. These insights enable you to understand how organizational clarity is impacting business performance at various levels of your company.

Quantitative Research

An online survey is used to assess clarity in all four areas across your entire employee population. Quantitative survey results are compiled, analyzed and segmented. We analyze the results with a high degree of granularity so we can pinpoint high-performing and low-performing areas within the organization.

Qualitative Research

Extensive one-on-one interviews are also conducted with a cross section of your employee population. Interviews are conducted across every functional area of your business and at multiple levels (executive, middle management, individual contributor). During these interviews, we cover all four dimensions of organizational performance, surface valuable performance insights and identify obstacles that may be preventing you from attaining greater clarity in various areas of your business.

Findings and Recommendations

Our experts compile and analyze all findings and formulate recommendations for your executive team. We will share these findings with your executive team in a formal presentation. During this meeting, we will also share our recommendations for improving clarity and alignment within specific areas of your business.

Want to improve organizational performance? Start by understanding the degree of clarity and alignment that exists across these four dimensions of your business. To learn more about our Organizational Clarity Assessment, email