Quarterly and Annual Business Performance is Driven by Clarity.

This is the time of year when executive teams chart the course for the organization. They devise pillars, anchors and initiatives that serve as the cornerstones of their strategy. And for good reason, they want to ensure the organization is aligned. They want everyone moving in the same direction.

They seek to achieve organizational clarity.

These plans are typically launched in a company “kick off” or town hall meeting. And this is a great starting point. This event becomes a “level-setting” opportunity for the entire organization. An opportunity for executives to clearly communicate the vision; priorities the organization should be focused on executing; how you are going to make it happen; and the goals you are collectively setting out to achieve.

This is also the time of year when many executive teams enhance, update or clarify the overarching vision, mission, values and story the organization wants to share in the market. This too is rolled out company-wide. Many times, through an all-employee meeting or series of internal communications initiatives.

The question is, how do you know if the message sticks?

How do you know if it is understood, embraced and acted upon?

By leaders, managers and frontline employees?

Most executives don’t.

And this is a problem because if the story around the strategy is not understood, embraced and executed … the strategy will fail. I am using strategy broadly here. It could be your top three strategic initiatives for the year … your vision, mission and values … your overarching go-to-market strategy, etc.

With that said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard C-suite executives and business owners say …

“I’m just not sure if our leaders, managers and team members are all on the same page.”

 “I really don’t know if our employees understand how the strategy links to what they do.”

 “I wish I knew if our employees have really bought into our vision, mission and values.”

These statements reflect the need for executives to have greater visibility to the level of clarity and alignment that exists up and down their organizations. At every level, across critical roles and within specific functional areas of the company.

To make this happen, executive teams must have a process and solution in place to gain visibility to “the degree of clarity” that exists across the organization on a consistent basis.

At OnMessage, we help executives gain access to this visibility through engaging, online Organizational Clarity Assessments. This online discovery tool and reporting dashboard enables executive teams to assess the degree of clarity that exists in four specific areas that directly impact business performance. More specifically, it provides C-suite executives and leaders with answers to these critical questions …

Does our organization have a shared definition of success, why we exist and do what we do? (Vision)

Do our team members have clarity around our strategic business initiatives and priorities? (Strategy)

Are we operating under the same set of shared beliefs and behaviors? (Values)

Do we all share the same message and position we want to own in the minds of the customers? (Story)

These assessments are accessed and launched entirely online. The tool is easy to use and provides leaders with the insights they need to assess and improve organizational clarity in all four areas (Vision, Strategy, Values and Story). Results are captured, segmented and shared through “drill-down” reports executives can view online to identify areas of the business that require greater clarity. Once identified, additional communication, education or direction can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy (by role, department, tenure, etc.) to improve organizational performance.

Regardless of how you, as an executive, gain visibility – you must have it. Why? Because, the successful execution of core business strategies and organizational performance is directly tied to the degree of clarity that exists up and down your organization. Without proof that clarity exists, all you can do is “hope” that the story around your strategy is embraced and acted upon. But we all know that in business and in life … hope is not a winning strategy.


To learn more about OnMessage’s online Organizational Clarity Assessment solution email jogara@itsonmessage.com.

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