If You Listen, Customers Will Tell You Where You Need to Go.

Just like your business, and likely every other 21st-century entity, OnMessage continues to evolve to meet changing customer requirements and market dynamics.

Since our inception, more than 16 years ago, OnMessage has been most fortunate to work with many of you. You have seen our expertise expand … our service offerings mature … and you have come to know us as the B2B communications consultancy executives trust. The partner to call when it counts. The confidant you want on your team when the message has to deliver material results.

With that said, I want to invite you to …

“Get to know OnMessage. All over again.”

Why, you ask?

Because, we’ve changed. And much of that change has been driven by you.

During the past year, you have shared a great deal with us.

You shared just how much your world is changing.

How the pressure and urgency you face continues to grow.

How you need to move faster.

And how, together, we must work in a more agile, iterative fashion to meet the demands that you face and produce the results that you must deliver.

You also shared that our expertise and resources are best played in areas that truly count. More specifically, when you need to …

  • Reposition and differentiate your business
  • Launch new product and service offerings
  • Expand into new markets and industries
  • Achieve organizational change
  • Execute critical phases of M&A integration
  • Recruit, retain and engage a high-performing workforce

All of the insights that you’ve shared have inspired us to define new service offerings in each area listed above. Offerings that are intentionally designed to meet your changing needs and the realities of your world.

So please, take a minute to get to know OnMessage all over again.

After all, you played an instrumental role in how we got here.

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About the Author: James O'Gara

O’Gara has spent thousands of hours formulating winning go-to-market strategies and stories for dozens of Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of high-growth businesses. O’Gara’s expertise in go-to-market strategy development, customer research, messaging and positioning, as well as customer-centric culture development, has earned him the respect of executives around the world. His ability to breakdown strategy, sales, marketing and positioning challenges in complex industries has been invaluable to CEOs and CMOs at a number of leading companies.

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OnMessage is the B2B communications consultancy executives call when it counts. When strategic shifts in the business take place, when financial performance is on the line and when the message absolutely must deliver material business results.

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