2018 M&A Transactions Without Effective Integration Communication Will Fail.

Experts agree M&A activity will remain high in 2018. In fact, Deloitte’s “The state of the deal: M&A trends 2018” indicates nearly 70 percent of executives at U.S.-headquartered corporations say deal flow will increase in the next 12 months.

Is a merger or acquisition on your radar in 2018? If so, you have to read the articles we have to share with you this week on the topic of M&A Integration Communication. These articles will help you understand how effective integration communication can help you maximize the return on your transaction in the coming year …

The Critical Role Integration Communication Plays in M&A Success
Anyone who has been part of an M&A transaction understands the critical nature dates and specific events play in the process. There’s the letter of intent, the deal close date, public announcement and of course Day 1 — the day these separate companies begin the journey of becoming a single, high-performing operating entity. All these […]

What’s Your M&A Integration Story?
Nothing is more important during times of change than consistent communication and staying on message. Why? Because when change occurs, humans seek clarity. However, when your audience hears an inconsistent story … doubt and confusion creep into their minds. Doubt and confusion cripple organizational performance. This is especially true when it comes to mergers and […]

Selecting the Right M&A Integration Communication Partner
There is a reason most companies don’t have a full-time M&A Integration Communication Team on staff. The reason is you only need those resources and expertise … when you need it. But make no mistake about it … when you need it … you absolutely must have it. With that said, you don’t just snap […]

M&A Culture Compatibility, Assimilation and Integration
Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM Corp., once said culture isn’t just one aspect of the M&A integration game, ” … it is the game.” So, if culture compatibility, assimilation and integration is so critical to M&A success — why don’t more executives take it seriously and put it at the top of their M&A […]

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