CEOs Put Culture and Employee Engagement High on Their 2018 Priority Lists.

Less than two weeks remaining in 2017! How is your 2018 strategic planning process going? Is it behind you? Still in front of you? Well, this week we want you to think about where culture and employee engagement fit on your 2018 priority list. After all, your ability to recruit, retain and engage high-performing employees is the key to sustained business growth.

Below you will find four articles that will help you understand how culture and employee engagement can make or break your business in the New Year …

C-Suite Executives … Your Employees Crave Clarity
As we work with executive teams around the world, it is amazing to see those who get it and those who don’t. What is … it? It … is the direct connection between organizational clarity […]

CEO Words Drive Culture and Performance
Studies show that most CEOs separate culture initiatives from their business strategy and story. Actually, culture is the byproduct of your story and strategy in action. The words and actions of every employee embody your […]

What is Your C-Suite’s Story?
Twitter, Slack, Chatter, LinkedIn … the business world we operate in today is driven by instantaneous communication. Employees, partners and customers now have immediate access to the messages being delivered by your organization. And the […]

Anchor Messages CEOs Use to Help Employees Deal with Change
Product and service innovation, customer requirements, competitive movement, digital transformation, mergers / acquisitions … the pace of change is increasing on every front in business. As a result, many CEOs and C-suite executives feel like […]

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