For the remainder of 2017, each OnMessage Minute will provide you with a series of articles on topics that are of strategic importance to the C-suite. These articles will help you determine how these initiatives fit into your 2018 plans and priorities.

This week, we will help you understand how CEO and C-suite internal communications influence organizational performance and how it can impact business results in the new year …

CEOs – Do Employees Even Know Your Strategy?
It is amazing to me the breakdown that exists in most organizations. More specifically, the communication breakdown relative to a company’s go-to-market strategy. When you survey leaders, managers and frontline employees at most organizations, these […]

CEO Communication Requires Strategic Intent and Persistence
There are two keys to translating communication into action: 1. Strategic intent. 2. Persistence. Many executives are perplexed when their message doesn’t translate […]

The Lost Art (and Science) of Sustained Executive Communication
We live in a world of instant gratification. Do something fast. Do something once. Expect immediate and lasting results. What a joke. With that said, this “instant gratification” mindset has crept into organizational communication, and […]

Get Serious About Internal Communication Pull-Through and Activation
Maybe there was a day when the CEO or members of the C-suite spoke and those messages were amplified up and down the organization. Well, if there was such a time, those days are long […]