Why Culture is the Byproduct of Story and Strategy

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You’ve probably heard the quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Well, that’s not really true. In fact, we believe that culture is intrinsically connected to your strategy. And story. In fact, it’s the very manifestation of the two. Your story clearly defines your company’s positioning, purpose, vision, mission, values and promise to customers. Your strategy [...]

Infusing Story and Strategy Into Company Culture

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Ensuring every employee can instinctively activate your corporate story and strategy in the customer experience requires unwavering commitment and persistence. To make this happen, CMOs must infuse the corporate story and strategy into the company’s culture. But, how? It takes unwavering commitment from the executive team. For employees to embrace and activate your strategy and [...]

Why Delivering a Consistent Story Matters

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Insight Agents, a strategy consultancy, described the critical nature of consistent messaging when they noted, “… clear and consistent messaging across all channels is vital in providing an authentic, believable and coherent customer experience.” What this means is if you want your message to be a difference maker, your story must be delivered consistently throughout [...]

How Your Strategy and Story are Intrinsically Connected

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Every meaningful story includes an underlying theme, characters, setting, plot, conflict, resolution and audience. Your business strategy has many of these same elements: Theme: Your company’s vision and purpose Characters: Your employees, products and services Setting: Your industry, market and competitive environment Plot: Your strategic plans and initiatives Conflict: The challenges, barriers and customer pain points [...]

How Your Words and Actions Define Your Customer Experience

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More than ever before, businesses operate in a world of transparency. The always-connected-and-consuming buyer has unprecedented access to your organization. Your strategy and story are visible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. How your business operates, what your organization believes in, the actions employees take and the words you use to describe what you do — [...]

Millennials in the Workplace

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Last week, we attended the Gallup Summit where the company shared its latest research on Millennials. The Millennial Generation should be top of mind for every CMO and business executive. Born between 1980 and 1996, they are taking the world by storm. 75 million strong, this generation brings with it significant changes and challenges for [...]

The Bedrock of Customer Experience

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Your company’s message is the thread that connects the customer experience. It’s the one thing that can truly make a difference in what your customers think about your company. From your website, to content marketing, to sales conversations and customer service phone calls, your corporate story is everywhere. It directly impacts customer perception and their [...]

Marketing Executives Must Become Customer-Experience Driven

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Customer experience is now the epicenter of marketing. What does that mean and how is that different from how marketing operated in the past, marketing was brand, campaign and lead conversion focused. Today, marketing must be experience driven — more specifically, customer-experience driven. A recent Forrester Research report said, “CMOs should step forward and take [...]

Why Your Customers’ Expectations Speak Volumes

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As we have discussed in previous issues of the OnMessage Minute, the customer experience is “the product of the interactions between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship.” So, it’s not only critical that you understand what customers expect from specific interactions they have with your company throughout their journey, you [...]

Painting Your Customer Journey Map

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Without a picture of where, when, how and why customers engage with your company, you will never be able to positively impact their journey. This is a picture you need. And, it is a picture you — the CMO — must paint. It’s your roadmap. Not your strategy. So keep it simple. Your painting will take [...]