Your story captures your company’s positioning, value proposition,

key points of difference and promise to customers.

Your strategy is comprised of the company’s purpose, vision, mission,

values and actions that are required to bring the story to life.

We help you activate a unified story and strategy

that creates a differentiated employee and customer experience.

Our Services

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Do leaders, employees and partners really understand your company’s story? What about your strategy? Believe it or not, when it comes to understanding the corporate story, research shows 90 percent of front-line employees don’t know what their company stands for and what makes it different from the competition. And as for the company’s strategy, less than 65 percent of organizations have an agreed upon strategy, and just 14 percent of employees understand what the organization’s strategy is. These statistics are staggering when you consider that we live in an experience economy where a company’s story and strategy matter more than ever before.

Your story … should clearly communicate your company’s positioning, value proposition, key points of difference and promise to customers.

Your strategy … should clearly capture your company’s purpose, vision, mission, values and the actions that are required to make that story a reality.

Ultimately, your strategy drives the actions and your message drives the storyline customers experience throughout their journey. We help you align and activate your entire organization around a unified story and strategy throughout the customer experience.


We capture insights from Voices that Matter: employees, customers, partners and competitors.

Critical Insights

Providing executives with the knowledge they need to shape the company’s story and strategy.


We leverage these insights and work with executives to construct the building blocks of a unified story and strategy.

Executive Buy-In

Ensuring the entire executive team is aligned and in support of the go-to-market story and strategy.


We produce a fully aligned Corporate Story and Strategy Platform

Strategy & Story

Driving consistent words (story) and actions (strategy) across all stakeholders involved in the customer experience.


We operationalize processes that ensure the platform is activated across the organization.

Proven Processes

Providing leaders with a roadmap for activating the story and strategy throughout the customer experience.

Impact On Our Client’s Business

“I have had the pleasure in working with Jim and his team on two different occasions and both times they exceeded expectations. Thus, it is no surprise that I value the experience and insights Jim and his team bring to business strategy, customer experience, messaging and positioning discussions … especially amongst executives. He truly understands the importance of clarity in the corporate story and the role strategy plays in driving optimal business performance.”

Toby Purdy, EVP & CMO at LALA U.S.

“I have worked with Jim and he really knows how to engage with C-suite executives. He brings the perfect blend of experience, strategy and real-world execution to the table.”

Tom McKeown, COO, VP at Curo Compensation

“Jim brings discipline and process to highly complex executive discussions and decisions. He and his team are known for their ability to help executive teams focus and provide the structure required to bring clarity to any strategic planning process. It has been a privilege to bring him and his team on as consultants in two different industries with two different companies.”

Corrie Brock, Head of Branding and Communications at Hilti

“I have worked with, worked for and have hired Jim’s company during a 20-year professional relationship. He has a unique ability to understand the needs of his customers and combine strategic thinking with the tactics required to drive significant business results. He brings experienced points of view and guidance to every executive level conversation. Jim drives the highest degree of clarity around strategic business and marketing decisions – and he is not afraid to share his candid, real world advice with business leaders to move the business forward.”

Chad Riseling, SVP Global Sales at Romonet

“OnMessage helped us crystallize a story and strategy that connects with employees and customers. They understand the role internal and external communications play in the customer experience.”

Toby Purdy, CMO, LALA USA

“OnMessage gets it. They are experts at aligning go-to-market strategies and stories. They understand how to establish differentiation in the market. Their team has been invaluable over the years.”

Stacey Coreil Little, VP/GM, Radius Specialty Solutions

Why Executive Teams Engage Us.

  • Crystallize and establish alignment around corporate strategy
  • Clearly define company’s purpose and promise to customers
  • Formulate a differentiated corporate story in the market
  • Activate changes in vision, mission, values
  • Re-align company around new business model or strategy
  • Ensure merger and acquisition integration success
  • Cultivate a winning, differentiated corporate culture
  • Recruit and onboard the highest quality, best-fit talent
  • Increase employee engagement and loyalty
  • Address competitive threats impacting business performance
  • Initiate customer experience management strategies

Experience Working With Executive Teams:

About OnMessage

OnMessage is the B2B communications consultancy executives call when it counts. When strategic shifts in the business take place, when financial performance is on the line and when the message absolutely must deliver material business results.

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