Strategic Communication: Before, During and After M&A.

With more than 15 years of experience working with CEOs from high-growth and Fortune 100 companies, OnMessage now brings you monthly insights that will enable you to communicate more intentionally up and down your organization.

The April Issue of CEO Communicator delivers insights and knowledge you need to secure the highest return on M&A investments. Articles this month include:

  • M&A Integration … a (Communication) Journey, Not a Destination.
  • What’s Your M&A Integration Story (Internally and Externally)?
  • M&A Communications: Experienced Professionals and Processes Required.
  • Culture Isn’t Part of the M&A Integration Game … It is the Game.

CEO Communicator is a monthly publication specifically for C-suite executives looking to leverage the power of intentional and strategic messaging across their organizations. Don’t miss out on these valuable best practices and insights. Download the April issue now.

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