Your strategy drives actions.

Your message drives the storyline.

Together they are the foundation of
your employee and customer experience.

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The words you use and the actions you take define how customers perceive their experience with your company. While your strategy drives actions, your message drives the storyline customers experience throughout their journey. That’s why your story and strategy must be fully aligned. When they are not, the customer experience breaks down. The perception of your brand is damaged. Customers lose faith and trust in your company. Customers leave and go to the competition.

Our team has spent the last 15 years working with executives to ensure their story and strategy comes to life consistently throughout the customer journey. We work with companies that understand what it takes to compete in the new experience economy. Companies that are committed to ensuring employees and partners can instinctively activate the company story and strategy as they connect and communicate with customers and one another.

Leveraging a proven methodology, our experts institutionalize and operationalize processes that ensure this happens consistently throughout the customer experience.

Our Perspective

Transform the way companies activate their story and strategy throughout the customer experience.
Provide executive teams with the insight and expertise required to align their entire organization around a unified corporate story and strategy.
Our disciplined methodology ensures the entire organization activates a consistent story (words) and strategy (actions) throughout the customer experience.
We dramatically improve clarity. Clarity in your story and strategy. Clarity in the minds of your employees, partners and customers. Clarity that produces a superior customer experience, increases competitive differentiation and improves brand loyalty.

Our Competencies

  • Executive and leadership alignment
  • Purpose, vision, mission and values
  • Go-to-market messaging and positioning
  • Culture development and employee engagement
  • Voice of Customer (VoC) research
  • Voice of Employee (VoE) research
  • Voice of Partner (VoP) research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer experience (CX) management

Creating Value Across The Enterprise

What your company stands for and the words employees use to describe what you do, the value you deliver and what differentiates you — are now omnipresent. That’s why more executives trust OnMessage to help them operationalize enterprise-wide processes that pull a consistent corporate story and strategy throughout the customer experience. See how we create value for every aspect of your organization:

We work with your entire executive team to establish complete alignment on your go-to-market story and strategy. This includes clearly defining your company’s purpose, vision, mission and values system. We also help you crystallize the core value your business delivers, what differentiates your company from the competition and the key messages that will connect with your customers, employees and partners. The unified Corporate Story and Strategy Platform we produce serves as the foundation for planning and decision-making across the C-suite.
Our team produces a crystal clear Messaging Platform that drives consistent messaging across all communication channels and throughout the customer experience. We ensure your entire team, as well as partner ecosystem, fully understand how to utilize components of the Messaging Platform in their daily work activities. The Messaging Platform serves as the cornerstone in your multi-channel communication strategy and significantly reduces the time and effort required to execute marketing programs.
Our methodology ensures the sales team’s voice is captured and leveraged in the Messaging Platform development process. This ensures consistent value-based messaging is utilized in selling conversations and that those messages are fully aligned with the corporate story prospects consume throughout their journey. Ultimately, we ensure you have access to a clear, compelling and consistent story that will improve sales process effectiveness and efficiency.
The message you deliver internally must be aligned with the company’s go-to-market story and strategy. We ensure you have a Messaging Platform and disciplined processes in place to ensure your internal communication plans and programs are fully aligned with the company’s external story, purpose, vision, mission and values. We also ensure that the messages that cascade down from the executive team to managers and front-line employees are clear, compelling and consistent.
Leveraging our Messaging Platform and disciplined processes, you can ensure media briefings and interviews stay “on message.” We ensure you have consistent, enterprise-wide corporate messaging that can be used to formulate media strategies, pitches, stories and more. The work we do ensures the public relations team, internal subject matter experts and PR firm fully understand and have the ability to communicate the company’s differentiated story, purpose, vision, mission and values.
Today, employees behave more and more like customers. That’s why it is imperative that the message you are sending to employees is consistent with the story being told throughout the customer experience. We work with HR executives to ensure the corporate story shared with prospective and current employees is fully aligned with external messaging. From recruiting materials to onboarding presentations, employee engagement programs and more.
Investors demand consistent and predictable results. The same is true when it comes to the company’s story and strategy. We ensure the corporate story and strategy being shared with investors is fully aligned with the messages being communicated throughout the customer experience. Greater consistency and alignment in the story increases investor confidence in the company’s strategy, executive team and its differentiated position in the market.
Employees crave clarity. Clarity increases their commitment and conviction in what the company does and what it stands for. We ensure every employee fully understands and internalizes the corporate story and strategy. This dramatically improves employee engagement, loyalty and productivity. It also ensures they play a positive and active role in bringing a consistent story and strategy to life in the customer experience.
Your partners play a vital role in the customer experience and today you are managing more partners than ever before. We help you establish alignment across your partner ecosystem through a shared corporate story and strategy. Our Messaging Platform creates greater connectivity and continuity in the messages partners deliver across various channels, communication vehicles and touchpoints throughout the customer experience.

Experience Working With Executive Teams: