Aligning Your Corporate Vision, Strategy and Story

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Most CEOs and C-suite executives would be shocked if they heard what we hear … and see what we see … up and down their organizations. Seriously. We work with companies around the world every day. We have one goal in mind, to establish greater clarity and alignment between their corporate vision, strategy and story. [...]

How the Rapid Pace of Change Is Changing the CEO’s Role in Business.

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According to Knoll Workplace Research, substantial organizational changes occur every three years. How much has changed in your business the last three months, let alone the last three years? Changes in leadership Changes in product or service offerings Changes in your selling organization Changes in your employee population Changes in your vision and mission Changes [...]

Aligning Your Strategy, Story and Product Roadmap

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High-growth companies experience significant change. They move at a rapid pace. That’s why the C-suite must be extremely diligent about maintaining organizational alignment. Changes in fast moving companies often originate in the R&D side of the house. Changes in solution and service offerings based on customer requirements or competitive movement. Many times, these changes impact [...]