Best of 2016: Culture and the Customer Experience

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We close out the year with four articles that explain how leading CMOs and CXOs are creating winning corporate cultures. Why Culture Doesn’t Really Eat Strategy for Breakfast Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Well, that’s not really true. Culture is intrinsically connected to your strategy. And story. It’s the very manifestation of [...]

Best of 2016: Aligning Words and Actions in CX

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Below are four must read articles that explain how your corporate story and strategy play a critical role in building a winning culture. Why Culture is the Byproduct of Story and Strategy You’ve probably heard the quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Well, that’s not really true. In fact, we believe that culture is intrinsically [...]

Best of 2016: Consistency in CX Matters

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This week we share four articles that explain why delivering a consistent corporate story in the customer experience is critical to success. Why Delivering a Consistent Story Matters Insight Agents, a strategy consultancy, described the critical nature of consistent messaging when they noted, “… clear and consistent messaging across all channels is vital in providing [...]

Best of 2016: Your Corporate Story and CX

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Below are four must-read articles that speak to the impact corporate messaging and your story play in the customer experience. The Bedrock of Customer Experience Your company’s message is the thread that connects the customer experience. It’s the one thing that can truly make a difference in what your customers think about your company. From [...]

Best of 2016: The CMO’s Role in CX

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From now until the end of the year, our OnMessage Minute will include the best of 2016. Each week we will organize content based on similar topics. This week, we are sharing must read content on the topic of the CMO’s role in the customer experience.   The Customer Experience and Its Profound Impact on [...]