Are you staying connected throughout all three phases of the customer experience?

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The customer experience consists of three unique yet interconnected phases: self-service, sales and post-purchase. To deliver a superior customer experience, CMOs must tell an engaging story that stays connected throughout all three phases. Let’s look at each phase a little closer. Self-Service Phase This phase of the customer experience is increasing in importance every day. [...]

Is Your Corporate Story Fragmented and Inconsistent?

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To extract business value from all three phases of the customer experience — self-service, sales, post-purchase — CMOs must address the enterprise-wide messaging development and delivery problem that exists across the business. What problem is that? Well, have you ever really looked at how your corporate story plays out in the customer experience? The fact [...]

Breaking down barriers to customer experience success

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In the experience economy we live in today, customers have unprecedented access to your company. Their experience spans more people, processes and technologies than ever before. This has resulted in an explosion in the number of ways they interact with your business. The greatest impact from this explosion has been felt in three key areas: [...]

Culture: The Byproduct of Your Corporate Story and Strategy.

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Discover the secret to creating a culture that increases employee engagement and improves the customer experience. According to a recent PwC Report, 95 percent of executives say change is needed in their culture and 51 percent believe their culture is in need of a major overhaul. Why is that? Because most executives still see [...]

Why Consistency Builds Trust With Your Customers

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Every aspect of your business that touches the customer matters. It’s not just about successful lead generation. It’s not just about great sales conversion rates. It’s not just about a better than average Net Promoter Score. Christine Crandell, a contributing editor with Forbes Magazine said it best, “Customer experience is not restricted just to the [...]

How Culture Takes Root in a Business

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Studies show that most companies separate culture initiatives from their business story and strategy, which means it’s also separate from the employee and customer experience. The fact is, culture is the byproduct of your story and strategy in action — and the words and actions of every employee embody it. So the real question is, [...]