How Does Your Self-Service Buying Experience Compare with the Competition’s?

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Conduct a Comprehensive Competitive Assessment to Find Out. By now, you are well aware that the self-service buying journey is playing a larger role in purchasing decisions. In fact, you’ve probably seen statistics that show prospects conduct up to 70 percent of their purchasing process in a self-service manner without having any contact [...]

10 CEO Commitments That Predict CX Success

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There are 10 commitments CMOs need to secure from the CEO and C-suite if they are to achieve lasting customer experience success. 1. Commitment to Customer Centricity. First and foremost, the CEO must make customer centricity a cornerstone of the company’s business strategy. The CEO must commit to driving customer knowledge deep into the fabric [...]

10 commitments CMOs need from CEOs

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Securing executive alignment and clearly defined priorities in support of the customer experience is crucial. Yet, so few companies have a game plan for making this happen. In most cases customer experience, as a priority within the business, originates and stagnates within customer service or call center departments. The initiative fails to gain traction in other [...]

Infusing Story and Strategy Into Company Culture

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Ensuring every employee can instinctively activate your corporate story and strategy in the customer experience requires unwavering commitment and persistence. To make this happen, CMOs must infuse the corporate story and strategy into the company’s culture. But, how? It takes unwavering commitment from the executive team. For employees to embrace and activate your strategy and [...]

Why Delivering a Consistent Story Matters

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Insight Agents, a strategy consultancy, described the critical nature of consistent messaging when they noted, “… clear and consistent messaging across all channels is vital in providing an authentic, believable and coherent customer experience.” What this means is if you want your message to be a difference maker, your story must be delivered consistently throughout [...]

How Your Strategy and Story are Intrinsically Connected

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Every meaningful story includes an underlying theme, characters, setting, plot, conflict, resolution and audience. Your business strategy has many of these same elements: Theme: Your company’s vision and purpose Characters: Your employees, products and services Setting: Your industry, market and competitive environment Plot: Your strategic plans and initiatives Conflict: The challenges, barriers and customer pain points [...]