CMO Success Depends on Executive Team’s Commitment to Change

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A recent Heidrick & Struggles study found that 62 percent of CMOs view relationships with peers on the senior executive team as vital to their success. It should have been closer to 100 percent. Why? Because without holistic commitment from the entire executive team to change marketing’s role in the customer experience — the CMO’s [...]

CMOs are redefining who their customer really is

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One of the most significant changes CMOs face today is gaining a new understanding of who their customer really is. The modern CMO understands — now more than ever — that his or her internal customer is just as important, if not more important than the customer actually involved in the buying process. After all, [...]

Make Your Message Part of Your Company’s DNA

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If you’re a CMO or striving to become one — be prepared to drive change and enter uncharted waters. To be successful in this role you’ll need greater knowledge of the customer through analytics; more involvement in the formulation of your company’s go-to-market strategy; deeper corporate messaging development and delivery expertise; and finally, stronger change [...]

Material Changes in the Customer Experience and the Profound Impact on CMOs

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Learn how marketing's role is changing, what marketers are doing to extend their reach into the customer experience and why the CMO's role must be reimagined. The transformation of the customer experience, whether you like it or not, is fundamentally changing how marketing works. These changes are on a collision course with the role [...]

Building profitable relationships with customers

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Sure, marketing is still responsible for generating engagement with the company’s target audience. But today, that is just the first step in building long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers. The CMO Club, in partnership with IBM, conducted research among 100 of the world's top marketers — with budgets of $1 billion or more — and [...]

Infusion: The Secret Weapon of Leading CMOs

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The first question you might ask is … what’s messaging infusion? It is the disciplined process leading B2B companies use to deliver a clear, compelling and consistent message throughout the customer experience. How does messaging infusion work? CMOs collaborate with the executive team to align the company’s go-to-market strategy with customer requirements and formulate a clear, [...]