The Customer Experience and Its Profound Impact on the CMO

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Brian Solis, author of “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design,” said, “I find that the chief marketing officer actually involves something that’s a little bit more significant in the organization. So not just responsible for marketing, but responsible for the entire experience. After all, marketing experiences are the new marketing.” The transformation of the [...]

It’s Time to Re-Think Corporate Messaging Development and Delivery in the Customer Experience.

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Many of today’s CMOs and CEOs have lost touch with a critical fact: the strength of a company’s story is intrinsically tied to the financial performance of the business. If your corporate story is ineffective and inconsistently delivered, financial performance suffers. However, when your story is clear, compelling and consistently delivered throughout the customer experience, [...]

Align Your Go-to-Market Story and Strategy

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Strategic alignment of your story and strategy — determines success. When your corporate story is out of alignment with your go-to-market strategy, the negative implications on business performance can be profound, including: Customer confusion Lost sales opportunities Disengaged employees Poor customer experience Watch this brief video to learn how you can [...]

CMOs … Have Your Campaigns Become Extinct?

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Industry experts have been predicting that “campaigns” in the traditional sense are dead. Do you believe it? Well, maybe this OnMessage Minute will help you decide if they are right or wrong. Let’s start by dissecting what a traditional campaign looks like: Campaigns ... have a designated start and end date. Campaigns ... are managed [...]

How Critical Is Consistent Corporate Messaging to CMO Success?

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Today, most CMOs do not have enterprise processes in place to ensure clear, compelling and consistent messaging is delivered throughout the buying process and customer journey. This results in a disconnected and inconsistent experience for prospects and customers as they travel from one touchpoint to another. In the end, inconsistent corporate messaging negatively impacts business [...]