The #1 overlooked aspect of content marketing

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Content is a critical element of the customer experience — if not one of the most important elements. It plays a vital role in all three phases of the customer journey (self-service, sales and post-purchase). Yet, many B2B marketers find creating original content to be exceptionally challenging, and research shows this to be true. According [...]

The Changing Role of the CMO

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There is no question that the chief marketing officer holds the most responsibility for ensuring messaging continuity throughout the customer experience. In fact, corporate messaging is one of the most critical ways marketing can impact the customer experience, which is why chief marketing officers must implement programs that infuse the corporate message into the hearts [...]

Increase content marketing ROI with a documented content strategy.

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We live in an age in which the customer is in control of the buying journey, and yet, according to recent research, most B2B companies are falling short on delivering the experiences customers want. Customers are more educated, more proactive and more autonomous throughout the buying cycle than ever before. Companies can no longer rely [...]

Three Tips for Developing High-Performing Thought Leadership Content

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In the new customer experience, prospective customers progress as much as 60 percent of the way through the buying process before engaging with someone from your company. This new self-propelled customer reality has become the norm — not the exception — and is inspiring companies of all sizes to rethink how they communicate and engage [...]