A compelling customer experience leads to compelling business growth.

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We live in a self-service age — an age in which customers have seized control of the buying process. In fact, more than half of the buying process occurs via research conducted by the customer or prospect independent of sales representatives. Which is why B2B companies across all industries are getting smarter about delivering a [...]

The opportunity and the challenge of the new chief marketing technologist.

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In 2012, Gartner made the bold projection that by 2017 the CMO would outspend the CIO on technology, and Forrester Research has been advocating for some time for a new C-suite role: the chief marketing technologist. Technology is in a state of swift and constant change, and forward-thinking CEOs are taking steps to ensure their [...]

Are your sales conversations helping or hurting?

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According to CEB, 53 percent of sales executives claim that consistent messaging is a significant challenge. Research conducted by the CMO Council found that 40 percent of sales reps’; time is spent creating messaging and content, resulting in a mere 11 percent of sales conversations considered valuable by executives. If these statistics do not catch [...]

Is your thought leadership content leading or following?

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CMI reports that more than 90 percent of marketers use content to engage their customers. Content is vital to the marketing engine. In fact, more than 92,000 articles are posted to the Web every day, resulting in 1,194,902,462 engaged minutes per day. This year, 70 percent of B2B marketers will produce more content than they [...]